DeepThings is a website designed to promote mystical wonderment.

There will be articles posted that will hopefully represent the musings of their authors. In this regard this site will not push it’s own set doctrinal, eschatological or occult understanding. Submissions are welcomed and should I (the site administrator) accept them they will not be subject to further editing – in other words we welcome your submissions which we may or may not publish, complete and unabridged.

Being new at WordPress I had a hope I could limit the links on the home page to the most recent 4 or so articles, however the menu system seems to be evolving according to some hidden agenda; so just have fun and hunt around.

As my personal bias is towards biblical metaphysics – that is to say the revealing of meanings hidden within texts in the bible and since I am the origin of this site all the initial articles will no doubt relate to this subject area.